My life from birth to padawan acceptance Edit

11 years ago, I was born on Naboo which gave me an advantage because Coruscant was nearby.  Now, I have a 8 year old brother named Sky who is a bith and a 5 year old sister named Lourdes who is an Aqulish.   When I was young and lived on Naboo, I was a friend among the Gungans.  Then when I turned 4 and showed how force-sensitive I was, I became a youngling.  Although I was 4, I showed much more skills than I should for my age.  Seven years later on my 11th birthday, Yoda gave me the best present anyone could ever give me, the approval to becaome a padawan learner!  My master was none other than Anakin Skywalker himself!!  Ahsoka and I hated each other at first, but in an arrgument we found out how much we had in common!

My life now Edit

I am the youngest padawan ever, and I'm proud of it!  Even though Anakin gives me a hard time, I enjoy my life just the way it is.  Now I have my own ship, the P-38 starfighter!  I have succeeded in many missions, but like everyone I failed about the same amount.  There are few things I would want to change about my life if I could, but overall I'm happy with how my life is.

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