The Blue Demon


The Blue Demon Edit

 This was my primary lightsaber, I made this from parts I found on Tatooine.  I got the blue lightsaber crystal from Illum.  I was often mistaken as a sith because of the curved hilt.  Only the jedi I speant the most time with didn't think I was a sith.  This lightsaber was destroied when I was in battle with Count Dukoo, I used my rifle to defend myself.  This lightsaber gave me the ability to escape notice when around siths because I desinged this lightsaber to look like that of a sith.


The magenta destroyer


The Magenta Destroyer Edit

This is my current lightsaber, I built it using parts I found when visiting Naboo.  I found the only magenta lightsaber in the universe on Illum.  I use this lightsaber still, and it is still in prime operating condition!  I built this to replace the blue Demon, my first lightsaber.  I think the parts used to from the queen's broken blasters.  I love this lightsaber and I hope it dosn't get destroied like the Blue Demon.

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